Things that continue to be right


Hope madam is enjoying the shellacking her team is currently getting you fucking idiot.


Fooley tries edgy :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Why don’t you try edgy, like edgy of a pier, then jump


I didn’t think Art could top the comment about hiding in the bushes while his girl was at a cul camp but he’s managed it.


I’m shocked by all this hostility Art if I’m being honest.


That’s factually incorrect. My youngest daughter doesn’t yet hate me. The eldest, yes, but the younger one is too immature to cop that I’m a cunt yet. She will in time but not right now.


That’s probably because that comment never happened, Fagan introduced the bushes.

If you need to stick your giant snout in try and either be funny or know what you’re talking about


Fooley having a meltdown


Why is @artfoley so vexed?


Stage 6.


Fooley went into meltdown in an impressively short time there.
What’s his problem?


His daughter is a Dub. All her friends are Dubs. He has insisted she wear a Roscommon jersey to an All Ireland Super 8s game in Croke Park where Dublin are likely to win by 20 points.

It is almost The Handmaid’s Tale in the telling.


People have been reported to Tusla for less.


He’d be tearing his hair out if he had any.


An eye for an eye and everyone ends up blind. Except in Fooleys case. He’d be the first blind lad, we’d call off the row then.


Young foley would have loved to follow this lad’s lead


I don’t get The Roscommon thing? I thought Foley was a pretend Wexford person?


He is. I’m guessing his good lady is of sheep stealing stock


Did he pull out the tin foil and the heroin needle shortly after?


The amount of fairy doors that have been placed on trees these days