Things that continue to be right


Jaysus, you really have no idea.


I dont, its problaby worse than I could imagine.

Katie Hopkins as a parent. Jesus.


hardly comparing like with like there dan.

this is debt on foot of losing a court case with the legal fees dwarfing the settlement. not getting multiple high interest loans to go to shagaluf and have a huge tv while on the dole.

then again, as @The_Selfish_Giant has frequently pointed out, you’ve a shameful past in leading people into debt…


@artfoley straight in defending the right winger @The_Selfish_Giant


fartholey taking a stand on behalf of Katie Hopkins’ kids while wanting Irish mothers in financial difficulty neutered a few weeks ago.


and in steps jesse plemons…


She was offered multiple opportunity to apologise and refused it. In a black and white case where she had attributed comments incorrectly to someone.

Cant believe you’re defending Katie Hopkins


I can


John Maclemores rant about the state of his country (USA) in the podcast S Town is probably the greatest rant I have ever heard. Episode 5 and 48 and a half mins in.


This was in the small hours of the morning back at a house party with some high roller after the Listowel races. Got off light enough but not sure of the exact loss but maybe down €40 or €50. A well know former intercounty manager cleaned up from what I recall.


cunt and all that Hopkins was, she at least put her name to all her shite, unlike the anonymous keyboard warriors on here like @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac and all other gowls of a similar ilk.

and lok what happened when one of us actually did post something in real life. poor old @Bandage got his cough softened by a chunky offaly golfer and went scuttling back to his safe space of here.


Hon Dalo.

You were lucky to come away with your life, that game can escalate like nothing else.


Come the third pot coins were no longer being used :tired_face:


says a man being a keyboard warrior on the exact same forum as me. do you want a refresher course on how the INTERNET works?


I think you need a reading course, I acknowledged that I was one of us in the previous post.

fire up your real name there hero


are you calling yourself a gowl?




like I said, clearly a reading course is required.


The house across the road from me is, as I type, absolutely blasting out America’s “A Horse With No Name”. I have the windows closed and all.