Things that continue to be right


That’s a mugging off. Good and proper


Pity the fucker wasn’t still on it.


You’ve really picked up the accent pal.


I was waiting for it. You never disappoint. :+1:


I’m very obliging.


So I’ve heard bud.


What’s with the titties, bro?




Your avatar?


Ah lovely, I actually LOL’d.


What does he say at the end?


Have that you prick


The beautiful innocence of the Limerick lads on their thread who think that those 300e framed team portraits are aimed at the common punter in the street to hang up in his shed. :grinning:


Jesus, do I have to buy a shed now as well. The cunts will have me bankrupt


You seem to be very concerned about it.


If they’d given you that free house that time you’d be able to buy a noble shed now.


Where’s my free framed poster!!!


I’ll give you a photocopy of the cover of the Examiner if you like.


Not at all mate, it’s just funny to see, it’s like some people have never been in a pub or GAA club bar in any of the counties that have been successful in the last 30 years, there was one fella expecting a few aschristmas presents :grinning:


Have you put any team group up in your house for all the Limerickwomen there?