Things that continue to be right


I am still on a high a day later


Was Kev business or pleasure?


It’s always serious business with kev


Off out for a round of golf with an associate. Beautiful autumnal weather. Fantastic stuff


unlimited headache


Few hours of a break from this gimp, thankfully.


@bandage 's tour de France in the All stars thread. A faint scent of POTY in his nostrils and he’s really upped his game.


I’ve about 27 of them lounging trousers you get in the likes of M&S, Dunne’s Stores etc. I don’t think a birthday or Christmas has passed without receiving a pair of them since I turned 24. I threw on a pair yesterday lunchtime ahead of some afternoon lounging, a pair I hadn’t worn in months or even years, and there was €100 in the left pocket. Two crisp €50 notes. Unbelievable scenes.


Huzzah, I found 15 euro in similar circumstances in an ould pair of work trousers :jeans: this morning.

You’d be on top of the world sure.


I suppose this shows that 15 euro means as much to you as 100 euro means to the other lad. The world’s ill divid


2 bags of Beef Crunch Vs 140 Tunnock Tea Cakes.

Hopefully my weight gains will surpass his.


Would you not put the money towards finishing the tiling




you are a winner in the game of life this morning


How’s the extension going


Hit a lovely bit of momentum again after a bit of idleness for a few weeks. Weather proof by end of month :crossed_fingers:


150mm kingspan?


Closing the 8 inch cavities with a bit of xtratherm mate. They’ll be pumped with bead next week.


200mm cavity?


Yeah, that’s the way ti’s gone now.