Things that continue to be right


Christ the blocklayer must have been delighted.Im doin one meself at the min,150mm with 100mm kingspan and 38mm slab inside.Crazy shit


Power outage here in Ballyragget. The quietness and the candlelight are a Godsend


You watch you don’t cause an explosion


What a difference a year makes.


A few Bob found in my Dublin skinny tracksuit bottoms as I got dressed for the school run. It’s the little things.


Off to get a 25 bag after the school run?


At the school run I’d say if it’s Dublin.


Damn right. I get mine off the little lady’s teacher.


Are you not a bit long in the tooth for skinny track suit bottoms?



Had to take the winter jacket out of the wardrobe last week before a delightful walk in the late autumn sunshine , forgot all about the cash I’d left in there…


That looks like the picture @HBV threw up before of his hooker money :smiley:


That much money wouldn’t even pay for AIDS medication





Throw up a video of you counting it out there. It’s for a youtube channel I’m working on


Are you a traveler?




Perfect if mccabe goes after that witch successfully
I despise that woman an unnatural amount for someone I never have nor never will meet.


Wee James McCartan :clap:



National Hunt racing.