Things that continue to be right


Finally lads, we can all move on



Some fuck up there all the same by the media handlers though.


That’s a fine hid on Umaga’s pint bro.


Pint of H2O out of sight for O Driscoll as well no doubt.


Umaga looks like he’s had enough drink taken


Leave no ass left unkissed


Apologies and reunions, sponsored by Guinness.


And Irish Water


You’d never get that in soccer or the gaa


Must be some serious overages on Drico’s renovation if he’s stooping to that for a few quid.


Strange how he’s able to facilitate this but yet couldn’t make the time to watch the game live v the all Blacks in soldiers field a few years ago even on TV.


Who ?


Fuck me, that’s pitiful.


Umaga looks well well shook.


ah you would, sure liam dunne and gary Kirby met up and shook hands (well hand and a stump).

its just that they weren’t sponsored by Guinness and didn’t see the need to publicise it.


When the roids wear off


O’Driscoll. It was the second game in the Aviva - not Chicago. Soz


Free house, dogs walked, house cleaned, splif, half bottle of Jameson,watching back Limerick v cork sf. Its the little things


What a Friday and it’s only 1pm :grinning:


The Brits in turmoil too :grin:


The French. Out in their hundreds of thousands to protest at rising fuel prices. A woman who was bringing her daughter to hospital was stopped by protesters so put the boot down and ran one of them down.