Things that continue to be right


Two rights or one right and one wrong?


They were belting the shit out of the car too, pity she didn’t plough into a few more.


Two rights, people protesting and the driver doing the necessary to get her kid to hospital.


Everyone’s happy so.


Apart from the protestor’s family. 62 year old woman that was run over, died.


Maybe the ambulance couldn’t get through the crowd.


… or maybe the cost of fuel meant there wasn’t enough fuel in the tank.


Or maybe the driver was protesting


Pretending to be struggling to put the child to sleep (even though he fell asleep almost immediately) while your life partner is trying to assemble furniture downstairs. Having a lovely little relax on the bed here as I catch up on this afternoon’s TFK and twitter activity. That said, the noise of cardboard boxes being ripped open and screws being hammered into panels is a little off-putting


You’ll never be half the man your life partner is.


I think you should note that the incident happened at a Guinness sponsored Event & was highly likely fuelled by Guinness also. :speak_no_evil:


I’m actually sorry I didn’t drive to Dublin with that herb the Xmas you pestered me for Weed now, what a man. :clap:


Surely an INTERNET celebrity such as yourself can’t keep their activity secret from the life partner?? You’re shooting yourself in the foot here, she’s probably reading.


There’s only about 30 people in the whole country who read this forum mate, I’d say he’s safe.


A big presence in Belo Horizonte though


15-20 tops


Is she a big auld unit @bandage?

Has she her own toolbox ?


Jacaranda Trees in full bloom. Glorious here at the moment.


Gwan Christmas


Delighted to report that Finnegans in Valencia is still going lads