Things that continue to be right


Intensive yet delicate negotiations successfully concluded this morning:

I will be spending my 38th consecutive Christmas Day in Wexford town.



You’re gonna have to grow up some day mate. Are the family gonna be joining you?


Someone post up the ESB ad with Dusty singing.


The least she could do after dragging you to Monaghan


Careful. This could be a trap. You’d better pull out all the stops.


A Pyrrhic victory

Cc @Cicero_Dandi


Heading to airport on route to tingle creek. Giddy up.


which airport you flying in to?


Enjoy pal - should be a cracker despite the small field.




Danny O Reilly back playing for Laois :clap:


You’re a weirdo. This is exactly like the time you went out to sandymount and videoed the tfk astro team.


Or like the time I slandered Paul Flynn?



Christmas morning levels of giddiness with madame here as she prepares to go to her first Leinster match this evening in her new jersey.

Should also teach her not to be a Fairweather fan as well


You disgust me


Glad to hear that pal. Given your outburst, I’ll have no option but to to blackball your application to join the tfk rugby clicque


I’ve got my first of four Christmas dos tonight. Blessed this year that three work ones are on the same night. :+1:


My slaphead mate is bringing his daughter to her first Leinster match too tonight :scream::scream::scream::scream: