Things that continue to be right



In twenty years time you’ll look back at this moment and wonder why …


What exactly is going on here?
Raising a tomboy?
Trying to fit in?


Craving acceptance from the middle classes who run the summer camps in Monkstown


Sounds like it, pure cringe trying to fit in


The bang of desperation off that post by a cunt who can’t even gain acceptance in North wexford


Posting while at the game? Fuck sake :joy:


And I’d say you wouldn’t know if the ball was pumped or stuffed.


Coming from the cunt who was posting goodo on his wedding night.

Just waiting for Sexton to pop over the extras.


Lots of lads here do it mate. The way its gone I suppose


They’d want to cop themselves on


Wtf? :roll_eyes:


Jesus Art.




It must be humberside speak


Careful now…




Good news from my Bro :clap:



I set the grass * the year to a pair of brothers from Drumreilly who weren’t actually known to me but who had a lot of stock and we’re stuck for ground.
A neighbour cautioned against it but they came across as manly if misunderstood men. After initial problems with stock “thieving” and finding contact numbers things moved smoothly.

They appeared in the early days of November with the grass money and they’ve just departed as pissed as 2 farts having left a bottle of Hennessy and a 2ltr of Drumreilly uisce bertha…

Rural Ireland… :pint:

  • Set the grass = 11 months rental.