Things that continue to be right


He’ll cause a power failure all over Diddlesbury.


Those much maligned chaps in Belvo have raised 200k for homelessness already this Christmas with their sleep out.


The sons of the landlord class assuaging their guilt



Happy Christmas mate


Every Number 1 of the 90s on one of the music channels today.


The bastards!!!


Just think how much they would’ve raised if they just asked mum and dad for a few grand each rather than asking random punters.

It’s like that attention seeking cunt Bono busking when he could’ve done a lot more for charidee if he just put his hand in his own Dutch tax avoiding pocket


Ooh. I got to give that the vital 10.


Come on lads, this post deserves 10 if ever one did. Has Bono ever featured in COTY?


A Christmas clamper from Foley. A fucking better. Take a bow Art.




I have 3 sons and a son in law anxious for a card game. All other annoyances are catered for.
I’d smell about 100 a head would be the top of it. How to extract this is the conundrum. Do I

A) Suggest a poker game like Texas Holden.
B) Go for 25’s - tenner a game, 1st to win 3.

2 of my lads are well cut. Ideas urgently.


Poker, you should extract their money much faster.


Could you get the numbers right for Hundred and ten?


A super game and noble idea but I’m having a Tom Kite before thinking up the next plan.
We had a fucking blinding day, the girls looked after the grub which was top notch and we had a great skiffle of wine over the afternoon. So good I’ve eliminated shapers.

It’ll be cards or a burst of trad though that’s generally for tomorrow. I’m not going on the Wren this year either - it’s a young man’s game.


You have more energy than me mate


Did you forget to pay the Electricity bill?




In betweenees…a side kick like Jonner has its benefits