Things Thomas Brady doesn't do

Patrick was part of Palladius’ entourage. Palladius didn’t last to long and Patrick took over. A very good ‘short history of’ episode on him last week. He definitely existed.

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I just said the same on another thread. Great podcast.


Wicklow is named after one of his disciples. Cill Mhantain. Mhantain means toothless. He got his teeth knocked out when he first landed. Must have tried reffing a football match

As an add on to this. Cill Mhantain is not a translation of Wicklow. Its a completely different name in Irish. I can’t think of any other county where this is the case off the top of my head.

Áth Cliath

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Good shout. Dubh Linn

We couldn’t have had our capital named Blackpool in English.

Loch Garman also. Can’t think of any more after that.

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He was a cunt

Port Lairge

Tir Chonaill


Very good. I only considered Dún na nGall for Donegal.

Rate Evan Ferguson

Eat eggs outside his own gaff