Things You Never Thought You'd See or Hear

Donie Shine had just put over a free to cut Cork’s lead to the minimum. Alan Quirke was about to kick the ball out when DB Senior took a deep breath and shouted the immortal words :

“C’mon Roscommon”.

I never, ever thought I would hear those words uttered by him. He reasoned that he would support any Connacht team in Croke Park against a team from another province.

Someone from Newmarket on Fergus talking up the chances of their senior hurling team

‘We’re the best team in Clare and when we win the championship we’ll ram it down everyone’s throat. F**k You. I’ll be waiting for you’

Ball Ox you are talking sense.

Barrup and fuck


Paddy Barnes accepting membership of the “british empire”

Thedancingbaby being interviewed live on channel 4