This is big

*So a prominent GAA player is involved in a betting scam that resulted in an individual claiming a 5 figure sum.

  • allegedly

When was this game tommy?

Is this going to be in the papers tomorrow?

Was it a club game?

I doubt you could get a bet on to win five figures in a club game.

Did it involve the Galway footballers?

Big? maybe it is to the runt I suppose.

All Ireland club runt?

Lads I think this thread is inappropriate until facts are established.

Agreed, from the way I read it I tought it was going to be in Sunday papers tomorroe,if this is just speculation it should be removed before somebody gets defamed

Agree, can’t see where this has been picked up!

In the pub ?

somebody has already been defamed by one of the posts in my view. Someone who cares about the mods should really be contacting them.

Tommy Guns yanking our chains here i think

delete this shit

Ya the GAA player had a horse running in Galway and he gave a tip to his club mate, scandalous carry on if you ask me, this kind of stuff needs to be stamped out immediately

I heard this myself. It’s true, all true.

You retard. You said it was a match in your first post

Moral of the story, never trust a man with a stick in his hand.

Am I missing something here or was this edited before I got here?