This lad needs a thread of his own

Superb. :clap::clap::clap:

Give that man an award.

Fecking hell, fair play to ncc, he really spoke his mind there.


What a stupid cunt. Pat Kenny is well entitled to his €600k. Works well over 11 hours a week aswell, I hate people claiming that DJs, presenters etc only work while they are on the air.

He’s a mong of the highest order that lad the no dick cunt.

Oh sure its a retarded rant (is it cool to use the word retarded when the guy actually is retarded?), right or wrong its classic tv.

Does Kenny = ratings? Yahup.
600,000 for ratings. Yahup.

Kenny is really becoming a lightning rod for every sort of smart comment, nut job attack and basic blaggarding. I hope his long suffering wife, Cathy, is coping ok.

yourman’s hands were going 90 to the dozen…

indeed minister, what does that nutjob do for his 204.30 per week, not to mention free medical, accommodation etc, cunt has probably never paid a cent in tax

I have no sound on my computer. What’s this madman going on about?

[quote=“Flano”]Does Kenny = ratings? Yahup.
€600,000 for ratings. Yahup.[/quote]
Over 300,000 people listen to his radio show every morning, that deserves a six figure sum in my opinion. It’s a disgrace that their salaries are even released to the public. People also seem to conveniently forget about tax. I’d be more pissed off with the amount of holidays he gets to be honest.

Pat Kenny getting taken down a peg yet again. Suprised they gave your man a good 2 minutes to rant at him.

:clap:I’ll look into getting the cunt’s free travel pass taken off him:pint:.

I presume a few heavies tossed him out and taught him a few lessons outside…

maybe lord ferg of dourness will hire him to be his referee liaison:D

one can only hope…

:clap::clap: He knows the score.

in fairness the nutball was far more eloquent and gracious that The Dour Cunt