Threads That Are Better Than The Original (Thread)

That thread that Farmer wrote recently on “Only Fools and Horses”, was much better than the previous threads that Farmer wrote about “Only Fools and Horses”!


Jaysus Ben. Thats some avatar. I’m breaking my bollox laughing here

F.A.O whoever.

I’ll fill you in on the story behind the avatar Shan. Who ha!

My Avatar has had a hard time of it lately, although he doesn’t even know it himself!

I had a bit of a “hard time” at his expense. You’re some man there Ben

I’d say he can hardly wait to come home!

Or go home :wink:

What the fook is he doing in the picture?

I see you’ve changed your location Ben 8)

All the inside jokes there. I want to be a part of it.

Right shan you’re in. Then again you always were but just didn’t know it

I acted like I didnt know.:wink:

My fave Fao thred was Fred Flintstone.

Hows the arse today? Nasty business that

Bad enough to get me a few days off work. 8)