Three injured in Fairview pub shooting


Think people died in the exact same spot a few years ago


Very strange. Not somewhere you’d imagine someone would be speeding, but wouldn’t you need to be tipping along at a fair speed to cause that sort of damage in a single vehicle collision?


Hopefully it is HBV.




HBV dying or Limerick winning the All Ireland. Call it?


A GSOC spokesperson said the van involved in the incident “had come to the attention of gardaí” prior to the collision.

The van was stopped by gardaí on the Malahide road after it was seen driving erratically.

As officers approached the van it left the scene and gardaí were following it when the collision occurred.


That’s mental. Are these the exact same circumstances as happened before? Lad killed at that junction trying to evade the Gardai before.


yep, the exact same circumstance, in the exact same spot, there were still flowers on the tree from the last accident