Throne of Games - The Greatest Story Ever Told - Winter is here

They are woeful. You could watch a few of the battle episodes but they made a complete bollix of it trying to rush off to do a Star Wars movie.

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They turned Jon Snow into a pussywhipped boyfriend. As you say the battle scenes are alright but the rest is like a bad soap opera

The 2 episodes that finished off season 6 were as good as tv has ever gotten imo. They covered a multitude of sins though. The show never recovered from Lord Tywins absence for me anyway. The slide started in season five when he was gone.

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It was more the two lads looking to wrap it up to do star wars and they made a balls of it.

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They made a balls of Star Wars too if they had anything to do with those new movies.

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House of the Dragon is very good

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We are enjoying it. Could do with the oul king getting knocked off early doors, he gets a bit tiresome, but you can’t have everything.

Poorly-written role for someone of his calibre

It’s tipping along nicely.

Two episodes too many for the story imo so far. The queen is hotty hot, but absolutely vile.

Ah he’s great craic Considine is a brilliant actor. Another 10 year jump forward in time this week and the civil war is setting up nicely for season 2.

It has a menacing feel to it like early GOT. Not the Disney stuff of last season

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Chilling stuff

Rhaenys & Meleys :clap: unrale.

Finally something happened. I was about to Give up on it. Good episode

Fuck me that was a sensational most recent ep there. Just when you get bored of the politics guff 3 dragons timbering the fuck out of each other

I was only really keeping with it because there’s not a huge amount on but that set a lovely tempo.