Alright Bandage?

When are we going to go toe to toe in Houston?

If we do it on the Friday or Saturday, that will allow you to watch Wrestlemania from the comfort of your hospital bed.

Let me know, me, flano and shan are fookin game anyway


Let me know, me, flano and shan are fookin game anyway[/quote]

So is your ma!

You wouldnt stand a chance, you gay cockmaster

Youre the opposite of me, you are:

  • ugly
  • a non-acheiver
  • no muscles
  • not american


Bandage, you are a fat sports snob. You cant even play sports cause you are morbidly obese.

That is all.

Gone all quite on me bandage? Must be all that posting you did yesterday. You were probably out of breath from all the work your fingers had to do. You’ll keel over of a heart attack one of these days.

God bless America.

Great banter here. I didnt think teams could score on Bandage because he played in goal. Wayhey. Beatdown value.

Shan you fookin ledge.

Me and you will tag team bandage and layeth the smacketh down

Alright Puke? You want some more?

Come on you bastard. Try to take me down. Wont be able to do it. Bring it ta fook

How exactly do you bring someone down on an internet message board especially a lad that is banned and is posting as a guest…You really are a sad cunt…But you will reply with some stupid response about my mother, or rape, or scat or america etc, but no doubt it will very immature and unoriginal…I don’t know why I bother, possibly because I feel a bit sorry for you and see it as an act of charity