TippTops ya Rogue

I see that Tipptops has logged into Kilkennycats.com for the purpose of stirrin shit with the gormless goms that operate there,its working a treat so far and will continue to be a success,the place is mostly frequented by an awful shower of flutes altogether so theyre unlikely to spot his wumming antics,i dont post there myself but look at it everyday for information on Kilkenny club hurling,theres some ferocious bell ends posting on there.

Kats Whiskers
and he who should not be named

Are they over there?

'Suppose I better give Tip a dig out so

Lory1 was a good un,no sign of him over there,not sure about the other one,PM O Sullivan sort of runs the show with match reports and the like,hes “ditched” his usernames.

so what?

That Kilkenny cats forum reminds me of the nascent years of the National Socialists in Germany. A bunch of up tight under sexed geeks taking everything a bit too seriously. I have posted there a handful of times over the years but the humour deficit got to me in the end. Good hunting Tipptops.


I answered Leinster Lions to the anti spam question

Lory1 is posting on there,never notcied him before when i was reading the endless bullshit.

Its happening…ya know yersef…

It is now :lol: