To Assist Preparations in the Run Up

For the weekend thats in it I’ve decided to leave the choice with ye

Should I go with Cool Scarlett or Hypnotic Red for this week’s hairdo?

You could go and fcuk off.

Red Hurley is it? I’d say that what you’ll look like alright

Without doubt, Hypnotic Red

It has to be Cool Scarlett for me.

They’re wearing away jerseys MGG, you should shave your head really.

Id have no idea of the difference between the two but i went for cool scarlet,it sounds like the name of a greyhound.

Kev says go with Hypnotic Red as he doesn’t like Scarlett.

Great thread.


What do you think of Ger Spillane’s year thus far MGG… :unsure:

:smiley: :popcorn:

I presume he had a life threatening injury or something, what with him not being on the side?

Will you be on Up For The Match again this year MGG? Is Liam O’Murchu still above ground?