Tonight's Other International Matches

Argentina v Brazil

Brazil: Victor; Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, David Luiz, André Santos; Lucas, Ramires, Elias; Ronaldinho, Neymar, Robinho.

Argentina: Romero; Zanetti, Pareja, Burdisso, Heinze; Banega, Mascherano, Pastore, Messi; Higuaín, Di María.

Nothing to get overly excited about in either of those teams Sid, but with Messi, Higuain and Di Maria in our ranks I can’t see us losing this one Sid. The Dinho is back to pull the strings for Brazil, they need Kaka back, and soon.

Pastore got a hat trick at the weekend.

Alves just hit the bar with a half volley.

Couple of decent tackles so far, Ronaldinho fairly left the studs in on Mascherano.

I’ve just noticed, ESPN is showing this now :popcorn: :pint: :clap: :popcorn: :pint: :clap: :popcorn: :pint: :clap:


Yea, fair enough Sid.

Lovely stuff from Dinho there on the edge of the box, some lovely lil dragbacks, then Messi goes down the other end and does even better. Wasnt expecting this to be much cop to be honest, but its started well.

Has turned into a bit of a snore in the second half. Brazil have had the better of it in this period. Neymar has looked good for Brazil though, despite his utterly ridiculous haircut. Messi as usual the danger for Argentina, but not getting on the ball much. Game is petering out now, got 0-0 written all over it.

On another note, ol red nose was spotted in the stand chatting to Zidane, thats how exciting this second half has been.

Leo Messi, FTW! :clap: :wub: :clap:

1 min into injury time, sets off to the Brazil goal and finishes to the bottom corner. Brazil robbed on the whole, but hard to knock that sort of class.

Just beautiful!

Romanians leading Italy 1-0.

Argentina v Brazil highlights:

The English line-up against France. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Benzema…1-0 to the frogs.

Lescott looks like an absolute fucking mutant.

France playing England off the field, playing some lovely one touch football and in little triangles…Lovely worked goal for Benzema, Foster will be disappointed to have been beaten at his front post

“Dinho”, dearly fucking me:rolleyes:

You watching England over Ireland again Puke? Flicking back and forth, not much to write home about given the English side, but Carroll is causing problems, I like the cut of him.

As for Dinho, why has it took so long for someone to have a problem with this nickname? For example…

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Do me a favour and do one.

what a tard you have become

So me setting up the opportunity to call Andrews a doughnut [© Larrry Duff] is an acceptable comeback? Go to fuck Puke.

your point was me having a problem with you using a nickname to refer to a player…which is pretty much the same thing you have criticised Andrews for…Am i going too quick for you???

setting up an opportunity to call him a doughnut is irrelevant, it is still very much a contradiction on your part…

My point was you having a problem with it 2 whole years after it was first used here. You’re not so quick yourself.