Tonight's TV - Continuation of earlier drivel


I was there with the Howth/Sutton Brigade


Yes mate, we cottoned on that you were in attendance alright, you may have mentioned it


Nice show on Buddy Holly on BBC4 now.


Friday Night Jukebox Live on BBC4 now.


They shall not grow old on BBC2 now is an extraordinary piece of tv


Watching it- lots of poor working class ppl used as fodder


The poor cunts, this gives a decent insight into the reality of it I think


Some really great ww1 you tube clips ,lip read what the soldiers who were filmed were s actually saying then and there


This Clodagh one is an awful dose.


Theres a programme on RTE 1 on how to be good with money and Rachael spends a €1,000 a year on Hair extensions and 10% of her salary on McDonalds.


Great comedy on tv3 there now


That Wexican Verona Murphy from the IRHA knows her stuff. She was on there with Cooper and his eminently rideable but un-identified colleague.

The Murphy lassie is a great bit of stuff. She’d be a formidable challenger for a Dàil seat in Wexford given the poverty of the fuckers they currently elect.

No, but no exceptions - all fucking duds.


Ivan Yates?



In fairness Ivan was looking quare well last night


Dr Ciara ?


Don’t know her name but she’d get it alright. Long dark hair with a bit of cut to her…


I could only watch it this morning. I thought it was good but it’s just the standard style of RTÉ factual docs for a while. Lots of drone shots and Joe Lee, Roy Foster et al giving dramatic takes on things. 1916 fatigue is definitely a factor but that whole period really is the World War II for the world in terms of overkill. I know it sells but there’s many interesting pieces of Irish history that RTÉ should do more on. Maybe after the 100 year events.


Like the Irish genocide?


Loads of doctors on it.


The Famine could do with a good modern series on it.

A series on 1798, the Act of Union and the 1803 Rebellion.

The Home Rule movement too. Even a specific one on the IPP, Liberal Part and battle with the House of Lords.

The BBC have done a few good series on the Story of Ireland which are meaty on Celtic Ireland and the Plantations which RTÉ have also broadcast but not produced afaik.