Top 10 Irish Restaurants (that spidey visited in a week )

The whole family do.

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Top chef Eric Matthews has been guest chef at Mamo in Howth the last couple of weeks.


What did you go for?

Didn’t eat there. Pal gave me that. Pal works there.

I’m going to need a kebab on way home


That’s a lot of work. Enjoy bud.

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I didn’t take a photo but the bread was bloody gorgeous.

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Since you announced the death of the tasting menu the body count has been mounting

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Penitential style dining was a great phrase he coined.

Gentlemen, looking for a place for a Brunch recommendation for a Saturday in Dublin 2 or Dublin 4. 4 adults who will be consuming large amounts of alcohol over the rest of the afternoon. The ladies will want to feel they’re somewhere fancy while the gentlemen will prioritise soakage.

I’ve already shot down Angelinas as I think its very average for the price you pay.

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Ahem. I’ll sort this out for you… SPIIIIIIDEEEEEYYYYY??? *

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I had meant to tag @Spidey @TheUlteriorMotive and @Bandage for good measure

That side of the city is outside my wheelhouse these days. That said, is Forest Avenue still there beside O’Brien’s pub?

The Dylan does a very good brunch and would be fancy enough for the ladies. You might want to book it though. All the brunch places in Dublin 2 and 4 have gone crazy busy in the last couple of years and throw in the Ireland match at 2.15 I’d say a lot of people have the same idea as you for Saturday.

Thinly veiled I’m going to the “match” on Saturday


Add Robertas to that shot down list.


My brunch days are mostly in the past but Balfes in the westbury is very good (pal of mine was head chef there for a while who hated doing it so got others to go in). Very close to several cathedrals too. Cleaver east used to do a decent boozy one but could be closed now.

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Best burger I’ve ever had. Dash burger Capel St