Top 10 Irish Restaurants


I had a great night out in Levis’s pub in Ballydehob recently, cracking village, didn’t realise there was a potential Michelin Star joint though I remember having a look st the menu alright


Fuck it, it’s now credible that there may be a better one in Cork


And where else would there be a better one?



Have any of ye actually ate in this Japanese restaurant in Cork? It’s been on my to do list for when I’m down there, which isn’t very often at all. I thought I read before that it was kind of a take out place, there were only five or six high stools by the window. But now it seems to be a sit down place but there’s a set six course menu you’ve to pay €95 for?


I ate in the place where there was only stools. It was very nice in fairness if not ideal to be elbow to elbow with some randomer. Place was jammers as well so a load of people were standing behind you looking over your shoulder to see if you were finished yet :sweat_smile: I think he’s opened a proper restaurant since though which is where the award is.


We decided to stop for a late lunch in Monaghan town last weekend and happened on a little gem called The Batch Loaf.

One of the best meals I’ve had in some time.

Have you been @Chucks_Nwoko @Bandage ?


Yeah, best in town. Rightfully taken the crown from Andy’s who held it since the early 80’s.


You go for a pint in the Poc after?


What’s Taste of Tuscany like? We were tempted by that as well.


Didn’t. Had to get back and get the weekly shop done and the little fella to bed.


Not heard of it. Looked it up and it’s run by Dinkins. must be a relatively new venture but they’ve a good reputation from the bakery business.


I reckon this will be our new pit-stop on the way way back from matches in Clones.

The road and traffic is shit every way so you’re as well to get fed and watered and let it away ahead of you.


Cc @flattythehurdler


They’ve tried over and over, but mancs are too stingy. Having said that, “Where the light gets in” in Stockport is excellent (with a price tag to match these days)


Fucking Mourinho.


That’s deeply embarrassing for a city like Manchester.


Well when you have high rollers like @flattythehurdler eating in Greggs and Mac Donald’s what hope is there for a high end restaurant


Not really. No one gives a fuck in truth. If you can ever find AA gills review (demolition) of rio ferdinands venture (possibly called Rosso, I can’t remember) it it not only a lovely bit of prose, it is also a brutal dissection of Manchester night life.
It’s a michelin star bit of writing in fact.


Says all you need to know. Honestly, if you gave me the choice, I’d rather have a couple of pints in the fiddlers and a pizza than be fcuking about all night in a restaurant. We go out most Sundays for tea, and I enjoy that immensely. The only time I like high dining is of a Saturday lunchtime before an evening match.