Top 10 Irish Restaurants


that whole Manchester/Liverpool conglomeration is an awful shithole, terrible food and weather


Liverpool is nice(er)
I only go into Manchester City centre about four times a year to the panto at Christmas, to a show (matilda sat night last), or to see a band.
Never to eat or drink specifically.


I couldn’t warm to Liverpool at all. That accent does my head in. I was there for a weekend one time with a few lads from Limerick and they all really enjoyed it leering at women dressed like tarts and that sort of thing. But i couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Horrid place. I prefer somewhere with a bit more class than Liverpool.


Leeds would probably be the best City in the North of England, there a nice bit of money around there


the Liverpool accent would drive you demented


Were you ever in Derby? I went there one time to watch a show. The people there seemed to be of a high caliber than you’d come across in Liverpool.


I haven’t been to Derby, and I don’t intend to


Never been. It’s rare I’d be (cc Aaron Gillane) up in that direction.

I saw that The Courthouse in Carrickmacross retained its Bib Gourmand status recently. I’ve only eaten there once in all my years making regular trips to the bustling market town so we’re planning to give it a go in a few weeks when we’re up.


Is Andy’s in Monaghan town gone lads? I used to call in there in the 1980’s


Thinly veiled “I’d actually prefer to be a man of the people”


“If I was allowed to”


I’m a worm magnate mate.


You need to click the “click here” link in red at at the start and sign on to the times for the free article but its worth it.
Manchester in a nutshell.


could you not post it for us, I’m not going through all that shite


No, it’s behind a pay wall.


Just give us the bullet points please.


Jeeves would have to give him the rubdown with the wire brush after his encounter with the proles.


Have you no beans to count?


I wouldn’t even trust that profession to audit beans


I never, ever thought I’d say it, but I was in The Courthouse for dinner tonight and there were too many deliciously sculptured, beautifully cooked, homemade chips accompanying my steak. And not a hint of a bit of vegetation like a blob of spinach or a family of green beans.