Top 10 Irish Restaurants


I was in Clogher livestock mart cafe earlier. There was a young lassie in a boiler suit that looked like she’d been welded together from obsolete slurry tanks. I hadn’t the courage to take a photo.


You’re easily pleased.




Excellent restaurant


The Clogher mart cafe?
Meat should be fresh enough.


And cheap, unfortunately


I expressed dissatisfaction in the post you replied to. :angry: :rage: :plate_with_cutlery:


Good man I like veg in the main . Had a lot 2day with fish . But good home made chips with steak renders veg an afterthought .


I’d headbutt a waiter if they served that up to me. You’ve changed, man.


That’s a seriously ignorant plate of food.


Any recommendations for nice Italian restaurant in close vicinity (either by foot or close to a luas stop) to 3 Arena? Cc @Bandage


Il Fornaio is very nice, tiny spot though.


Osteria Lucio. About a 20 mins walk from the point


Thanks @mac and @Cicero_Dandi

To get an actual Italian recommending a place is a great help


The Italian quarter, millennium walkway, there’s a couple of nice ones in just there. It’s beside the Jervis Luas stop, hop back on the Luas down to the point then after.


Didn’t Mick Wallace have a place there?


A shitbox


I think @bandage or someone like that used to stalk him in that vicinity alright, but don’t go there.


Osteria Lucio.

Or Paulies Pizza. Nip down S Lott’s road and over the east link will have you at 3 arena in 15 minutes. Few bars around that way too.


Terra madre is the name of it.