Top 10 Irish Restaurants


Fao @caulifloweredneanderthal those times from Lucios and Paulis to the 3 Arena are wildly optimistic. You could double both of them.

Da Mimmos on the North Strand is very highly rated.


I’d say you’d walk from Paulie’s to the 3 Arena in 20 minutes via Thorncastle Street. I’d say you’d walk from Osterio Lucio’s to the venue in around 23 minutes. Some good options suggested above. I don’t have any further recommendations.


You’d easily do it from Osteria Lucia in 20 mins if you head down towards Ringsend, turn left at Ferryman and head across East Link


Oarsman rather than Ferryman.


Thank you @Bandage


23 minutes. Very precise. Wouldn’t expect anything less in fairness.


Fuck sake. Your man would be at Heuston Station before he realized @Mac had bowled him a googly


Thanks mate and thanks to @Bandage
Will have the life partner, who isn’t quickest on her feet, and the parents in tow, so will probably pick an option that’s close to Luas. I’ll have the car with me so that’s also an option of dropping them nearby. Do you know of a good car park j. The area per chance?


Near Luas which will take you right to venue perhaps reduces your options.

You could park in the Park Right car park in the IFSC (don’t think it’s been mentioned before?) and go to the @Cicero_Dandi recommended Il Fornaio in Mayor Square (3 minute walk from car park to restaurant). It’s been okay on the couple of occasions I’ve been there, but not outstanding. Luas stop right at Mayor Square will take you to 3 Arena only two stops away.

Otherwise, you might be as well to park in Jervis Street car park or somewhere and go to one of the @glasagusban recommended eateries around the Italian quarter.

Is there a concert on in 3 Arena? Bear in mind Luas can be wedged if lots of people are heading to something.

Other options aren’t really near Luas.


LUAS be wedged after a gig. There is a multi story in the 3 Arena but it can take forever to get out of afterwards


The Lido on Pearse street is a lovely place run by an old Italian family. The grub comes out promptly, nothing fancy but very reasonable, tasty and good portions.


Do this and go to Terra madre and get the Luas to the door of the point.

Are you in a rush after the concert? If not, go for a drink on the boat opposite the convention centre, it’s called the College Airne. There’s always a rush for the Luas or taxis immediately after concerts but you can stroll down there and have a drink and come out and get a taxi handy.


Cill Airne


Correct, the old autocorrect got the better of me again.


We have assumed @caulifloweredneanderthal has his own knees.


That’s good advice.


The food is actually decent here as well but it’s bar food really. Their chicken wings are absolutely gorgeballs.


I can 2nd this place. Real local feel to it


Thanks mate and to all for advice.

My auld pair are going to see Andrea Bocelli on Tuesday and are staying in Gibson Tuesday and Wednesday night. Bocelli is on Wednesday night as well and that’s the evening I’m going in to meet them. The auld fella is a pure roaster but loves a bit of Italian grub.


That Gibson is an awful shitty hotel but handy as a small pot for the venue,
Paulies do very good pizza