Top 10 Irish Restaurants


Not near the Luas though. You’re just coming in at the eleventh hour and confusing matters.


I’ve never been in there but it’s handy for them.


In Dublin for the weekend lads, are the pubs going to be overrun with Halloween cunts tomorrow and Saturday night?

Are the FX Buckley steakhouses any good?


Broadway in the IFSC across from Il Fornaio might suit him. Cheap and cheerful and good mix of pizzas/pasta.


I’d be hoping a lot of that sh*it has died off but who knows. Yes FX Bs still very good.


Saturday night will be full of them.


It’s Dublin pal. The place is always overrun with cunts


Cunts is one thing but cunts in fancy dress is a different ball game.


The Lido is the spot for him


He’ll leave there with a full belly anyway. And the lads will speak pure Italian to him too.


I was in the Christchurch one on the AI weekend, couldn’t fault it. No need of a reservation either.


It was big of you to go up and shout for us.


Any recommendations for Killarney? Heading back Saturday


What do you usually like? Is there a woman or a group of lads?


It’s nice to get away from the mud hut the odd weekend


That’s always a good sign.


A group of lads. I’m enjoying the carefree life at the minute. :shushing_face:


Ross hotel or the Smokehouse


Will you be on a date, pal?