Top 10 Irish Restaurants


Pints and chipper.


Mike’s Take Away @Copper_pipe


Did you get the haircut in NCW last weekend? I forgot to ask


Ah now


Smokehouse is closed down. Something else in there now.


Sorry @Copper_pipe, hadn’t realised that, it was open at the end of summer.


I didn’t . I had a stroll around town. I recognised classic cuts. Had a hair cut there many years ago (12/13) but it was a tad too busy. The other place I went to back in that era was Charles’s. I was surprised to see it was still open. Got a fairly shite haircut there circa 2005




Its gone a good bit longer than that id say.

Not sure what happened. It had been subject to a few temporary closure orders in past



Hope you didn’t hurt yourself in the fall.


Dear god that place was unreal. They only serve what they can catch in dingle by day. Got the nod they are closing next week as stocks are dwindling so came back. Scallops, flash fried squid, john dory, monkfish all fried in a shit load of butter and chili. 10/10


Anyone ever eat in that Ballymaloe house? Is it worth it at all?


That sounds fucking amazing.

Closing for good?


No. They just close over the winter when stocks of fish are lower. Open again in February or something.


Not something I’d relish.


Not really. Dozens of better options within an hr if it


Herself has something called a blue book voucher we need to use by Christmas that’s the only reason I ask. Ballymaloe is eligible.


Mustard Seed and Longeueville house would be handy options to use the voucher. We used one before in a place called Blairs Cove in in W cork. Its down near where sophie tuscan du plantier was killed. A long way down but really good


Smashing. I was there during the summer myself. Seafood paradise. Early bird great value too.