Top 10 Irish Restaurants


Which of the two Cork restaurants is better? The one beside where the unsolved murder took place or the one associated with paedophilia?


What’s this place ye are on about? The place by the harbour in Dingle town is it?


Out of the Blue. Yeah it’s on the seafront beside the harbour.


Fao of @Fagan_ODowd and @tassoti
Here’s the gourmet circle in rochdale


There’s also a KFC behind McDonald’s to be 100% accurate


Where’s Gregg’s?


Christ it’s like fucking America.


I’d imagine you’d want a wire brush and a bucket of domestos after that endeavour


Between Costa and subway there in the middle bud.


Not sure a country who has people queuing through the night to get donuts can have a crack off a place like that. Enjoy flatty mate.


The Rochdale riviera. Its somewhere to mind your own business for half an hour anyhow.


youd want your head examined to go near rochdale


Hard to argue with any of that.
We still up for Friday week a.m., speaking of which?


yep, just no greggs or costa!




Ate in Chapter One last night. Exceptionally good as always. Definitely up there with Sha Roe as the best restaurant in Ireland


So you were drinking for five or six hours before you went into Chapter one, out of your mind drunk.


Mac roaster strikes again


He could have been in a chipper for all he knew, and roaring that it was the best restaurant in the country.


I’d say he was like a lad in Zaytoon elbows deep in the dinner