Top 10 Irish Restaurants


I had 2 drinks, followed by a nap, followed by dinner.


You passed out at the table?




I lolzd at that, as it was true


The food is the UK is utter, utter swill.

I was over for a Sales Meeting a few years back and the commercial director, an Irish lady, told me that she likes to eat out in restaurants. I asked her where and she mentioned Harvester so I stopped listening.






This is better than some of those MacRoaster stories themselves. Life imitating “art”.

Not you @artfoley


Did the sales manager have a sex change in the middle of that story?




I had lunch in the Shelbourne earlier this week for the first time. A fine experience, had a superb Caesar salad and the ambience was top class. Wasn’t all that pricey* either considering the top class service.

Will be going back again

*aside from the 7 euro for a 750 ml bottle of sparkling water.


The highlight of a meal in a hotel was a Caesar salad? I’d hate to see what the main was like.
Not a fan of dining in hotels - they charge top price for mediocre fare because a) you’ve nowhere else to go or b) you’ve a meal included as part of your stay.


It was a lunch on a Tuesday afternoon. All I had was a Caesar salad which was top class. I had assumed that the place would be stuffy and pompous based on its reputation but found it to be a very charming place and was pleasently surprised


Spidey is to ating what farmer was to cuntish dreary music back in the day. Pompous overinflated view of his own opinion.


Andy’s is still there.

The best restaurant in Monaghan at the moment, better even than the Batched Loaf, is the Indian.


Last time I was in Monaghan I had a lovely meal in Taste of Tuscany.


McDonald’s this morning guys.


Not an Irish Restaurant, there’s clearly an ASDA in the background.


There was 100% British and Irish beef in my breakfast.


And it’s 100% not Ireland beneath your feet.

Hang your head in shame.