Top 10 Irish Restaurants


I’d say the only Irish Beef flatty is having, is an argument with someone on TFK


Christ, go drink some coffee.


Would ever think of making your breakfast the night before instead?


I. Make my lunch usually the night before. Cheese toasties.


You reheat toasties???

You sick bastard


Shocking stuff all round from flatty here.


Lovey with a nice Rioja though.


and of course he’ll decant the rioja to “let it breathe”, then use it to wash down a nuked cheese toastie, probably made with easi singles too


Ah Flatty :see_no_evil:


I eat them cold.


that’s nearly as bad


I’ve had one for mid morning snack just there now. Two more for lunch.


youre worse than hitler


You’re just jealous cos you can’t spend your lunch voucher in McDonald’s


Supposed to be heading to Featherblade tonight. Is it the kind of place you’d need to book or can you just walk in?


Book via Twitter I think.

Savage grub though.


Didn’t bother booking. Turned up and turned away. Joke.


Don’t you know the boom is back FFS sake


You fucking rube.


I’m going to bang restaurant this evening.