Top 10 Irish Restaurants


What about some kind of a brass sculpture

Cc @flattythehurdler


A bit more detail would help. Swanky or no? Are they into food or just roasters who’d enjoy a carvery?

Otherwise, just listen to @Fagan_ODowd


A voucher for a carvery :joy:


Not stuck up but not roasters either. Just lovely, lovely people who’d enjoy a nice meal. Doesn’t have to be a posh place but don’t want to send them somewhere below par either.


Is it your girlfriends work pals again?


Dax it is so.


No, we go out with them as a foursie.


Get them a voucher for One Pico @Bandage


Did you ever give us a review of 777?


Think I posted up a picture of the donut I bought in the place across the road afterwards. 777 didn’t impress me much.


Etto on Merrion Row is lovely. Informal but top notch Italian grub (not fucking pasta or pizza, mind)

One Pico is good, but I prefer it for lunch.

Greenhouse as Fagan said is very very good.

Restaurant41 in Residence on Stephens Green is very nice for a meal as well. They have use of the ‘club’ after for drinks if they want (to be wanky)

Forrest Green would be ok too, or their new place Forrest & Marcy, but that’s more small sharing plates. Trendy though if you want to show off your knowledge of hip Dublin

Bastible on the SCR is supposed to be really lovely too but I can’t recommend as I’ve not been there yet

All in I’d go for Greenhouse (swanky-ish) or Etto for great, informal food


Pearl Brasserie is always nice and not too posh.

I would second @Fagan_ODowd’s Greenhouse recommendation too. Reassuringly expensive but not wanky.


@Bandage, how much are you going to spend on the voucher


I recommended this place the other day when he was looking for lunch tip. It’s very good


About €25.




It’s the thought that counts


He’s getting them a voucher TOWARDS a dinner


Or a bottle of reasonably priced wine to have with the dinner.


Two glasses at least