Top 10 Irish Restaurants


Taste is very good


He should get him a Hailo voucher for the taxi home


Maybe get a (medium) pizza delivered to them at home?


I’d say @Bandage is only joshing over the 25€


A threeway ? Ffs. Don’t be boasting about it here.


Pickle is an excellent establishment. Was there last week and had a tremendous time.


Oliver Dunne’s new place Beef & Lobster is supposed to be very tasty pal. Will be attending a boozy brunch there for Mrs Spidey’s pal’s birthday in a few weeks.


Thanks for all the suggestions, folks.

I had a chap run along to The Greenhouse earlier to purchase a voucher for me.


If you can find out when your pal is going I’ll make sure he gets the red carpet treatment


@Fran is dobbins closed or closing? My favourite spot.


Lovely stuff, @Fran.


I had never eaten there to be honest


I used to eat there a lot. Loved it. Sorry to see its demise.


Mr Fox.

Service. 5/5
Food 3.5/5
Wine 4/5
Ambience 5/5
Location 1/5.
Value for money. 4/5

Overall 4/5.

Conclusion. Definitely go again if I was going to something in the Gate or the Abbey. Otherwise this side of Parnell Sq resembles a war zone and I would consider is best avoided.


Good service does a lot more to compensate for average food than good food does for average service


Agree rating. The service was splendid.


Hang Dai is not great pals. Won’t return.

In drury buildings now. If you are 30 plus.

Wall to wall hoop.


Did you eat in hang dai and then go to the drury building for more food? That’s serious roaster carry on. What didn’t you like about hang dai. The food or the ambience.


Had to meet people for drinks. They were in drury.

Food was just ok in hang dai. Standard enough Chinese. Not sure it works as a late night place the way it is pitched. Great music in the toilets though.


Elbow Lane last night… Unreal. Went for pork neck…the chocolate mouse dessert was out of this world. One of your boys dining behind me… Peter.

Only downside was the 3hr wait from putting name down. However, they did give us a glass of champers once they saw the sparkle on princesses engagement ring… they also gave me a free pint of their own ale (arrow I think) which is decent tack.

Highly recommended.

cc @backinatracksuit