Top 10 Irish Restaurants


Never got there in the end, look forward to trying it out but God knows when. Pork neck is an outstanding cut of meat, normally favoured by the Polish or so I’ve been told.
Booking made for 1826 in Adare for a couple of weeks time. Visiting galway as well in a few weeks so hope to take in a Michelin star spot this time around.


Went to Campagne in Kilkenny yesterday for lunch. Made a day trip of it on the train from Dublin. Great value lunch at €35 for 3 courses. I had eel ravioli, venison shoulder and the baked salted caramel custard tart. It was very tasty and highly recommended.


I wonder did Peter have to wait three hours?

Pain in the arse no booking alright…were ye not starving and/or pissed hanging around for 3 hours waiting to get a call?


Starving and half steamed… hunger is the best sauce, kid.


Where did ye go to kill the time


Arthur Mayne’s … my first time in there.


Grand spot to go with the missus


Went to Pacifico in Malahide last evening. Not bad tbf. Pizza was a bit doughy in the middle. Wings were alright too, bit too much sauce. Actually now that I think of it it was only alright.


What were you doing in Ireland’s culinary capital


Immaterial tbh.

Why would anyone rate a joint where he ate Chicken Wings & Pizza?


Up for a 40th. Had a lovely pint of Smithwicks in Gibbos beforehand, food in a party of 7(seven) then onto the big pub across from Gibbos, begins with F. After 40 (forty) days and nights off the drink the skin full I had has the details of the night a bit sketchy…



@thedancingbaby rules the roost there


Congratulations mate. You’re the first person to have a lovely pint of anything in gibneys


I was 40 days off the stuff, anything would have tasted good.
What’s the story with the bar staff, bit cocky aren’t they?


they are dicks alright

I wouldn’t set foot in the place


Whether you would or wouldn’t voluntarily set foot in the place is a moot point DB. You are subject to a barring order relating to sectarian songs being sung about a guy named cooper who played for Glasgow rangers.


It’s @The_Selfish_Giant who wouldn’t set foot in the place.

Having said that, I would feel obliged to support him in his stance.

Henrik Larsson and Mark Viduka…


My apologies DB.


Accepted mate



DB is the one barred for having a pop at Gibneys about their poor standards

Malahide is a fenian town where songs like that are welcome