Top 10 Irish Restaurants


Come on mate- a Febian town? the tennis club flew their flag at half mast when news of Sara palmer tompkinson broke ffs


Ok , it breaks my heart to say this but its time we talked about the Grove


Ok ok I’ll back off .
Gees Louise - go for the tennis club and the gloves come off pretty quickly eh ?


Its a fuckin Lawn Tennis club -arrrrgggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


I love you to bits mate but that’s below the belt. We promised @Funtime we would never bring up that unfortunate incident in the Grove


ok. lets all forget the last few posts




Just on a point of order, Pacifico wouldn’t be in the top 10 restaurants in Malahide, never mind Dublin.


Milano’s in Blanch id say


The wishing well in kingscourt is a great family place to eat for those who are on an excursion to DunNaRi forest for a ramble with a gang on of a Sunday
plenty of space for kids to run riot inside and they are very relaxed
good grub , fast service and no messing, comes highly recommended for that sort of thing


FAO @ north kildare posters
Lock 13 gastropub in Sallins is a very nice
id highly recoomend heading back to your commuter town via the back road around the k club, head down the canal by sallins after the escapade as the cos are always on the clane maynooth road in the evenings, there was a woman killed there by rathcoffey on sunday


Very very enjoyable lunch here yesterday. Went for the tasting menu @ €35 per head, but you get to choose your main and dessert. Great wine list that’s not extortionate either

We had heritage carrots with pistachio dip, salt cod croquettes, venison lollipop on a liquorice stick (nicer than it sounds) then lamb shoulder and a fabulous soft cheese from Wexford for dessert that I can’t fucking remember the name of. Was epically nice though

All in all a less wanky version of Forrest Avenue


Lads, is the green hen still a good spot?


Actually, must book after this ringing endorsement by harbo


In fairness that wasn’t a nice thing to do and I’m sure Harbo was very embarrassed to be humiliated like that in front of Lauren. I wouldn’t darken it’s doors, as a consequence.


He’s a gas ticket.


Only one side of the story fagans. I’d like to hear what the green hen has to say about it


Yeah but he wouldn’t lie through his teeth when writing a review of a restaurant, art.


Hard to blame Harbo there in fairness. The only flaw I can see on his behalf was that he didn’t nut the face off of the waiter before he left.


Maybe he should have said “Don’t you know who I am?”