Top 10 Irish Restaurants


shocking customer service but that is excatly what I would expect in a mickey mouse town like Dublin, you simply would not get that in a proper city like London


To which the waiter replied


That lad seems like a complete arsehole, and he curses an awful lot.
Who the fuck goes into a restaurant for dessert? Get a fucking magnum.


He’d love for the place to close down now, based on his review. Wanker.


In all fairness, if a restaurant can’t conform to decent levels of service they’ve no business staying open.


I love an aul prawn cocktail now and again and would often go into a place just for one


The Muldoons here think you can only go into a restaurant if you are going to shovel three courses down your gob. I’d often go into a restaurant and say

“I am just going to have a starter and a glass of wine”


He drops 2k there over multiple trips in the last year, and based on one interaction with a waiter the place should be shut down?


the way the waiter acts is a reflection on the restaurant, totally unacceptable


He really should of had the courtesy to ask the Head Chef or Senior management at least.


Don’t get too far ahead of yourself, you eat garbage you find on the side of the road.


He used to spend €40/week in The Green Hen. That was 5 years ago too.


I doubt you have the head of a pure cunt on you like Harbo does though


Not many do tbf


I’ve no idea who this lad is but fair play to him for linking different reviews of the same restaurant. All reviewers should do that.

As an aside, I’ve no idea why he thinks eating dessert is some kind of ‘American’ practice, its something people do throughout Asia as well.


Anyone got any strong opinions on any of the restaurants on this list?


Eating dessert somewhere different from where you are your main course I think he was talking about


All pretty middle of the road aren’t they. Fade st social about best of them IMO.


You’d like TGIF


Avenue meh
Carluccios, Farm and Gotham Cafe nice for lunch never had dinner there
Pacino’s food is excellent, service not so much
Mao meh
Market bar average tapas