Top 10 Irish Restaurants


As i thought. Fire may be the best of an average bunch.


San Lorenzos is nice

I was in Shanahans recently. No doubt the steak
Was tremendous but prices are eye watering and a bit stale/dated plus full of fat lads


What’s the point of it? Is it just a straightforward restaurant voucher or do you get anything extra with it or what?


Are the deals not just same as their pre theatre/early birds?


I don’t know if I’m missing something here, but what’s the point of these??

The vouchers are not tied to any promotions or value meals at the discretion of the restaurant.
The vouchers are redeemable at any time / date within the assigned validity dates.
If the cost of a meal is in excess of the value of the voucher then the customer must pay the excess by cash or card accepted by the restaurant.
If the cost of a meal is less than the value of the voucher then the restaurant in which the customer is dining must give the customer the change / excess in the form of a voucher for the restaurant in which the customer is dining.
The Dine in Dublin Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher, promotion or deal at the discretion of the restaurant in which the customer is dining.
If a voucher is lost / stolen this is the sole liability of the customer. No voucher will be replaced and no refund will be issued.
If a voucher is not redeemed within the validity period then it will become obsolete and no refund will be issued.
A restaurant has the right to refuse to accept a voucher if a customer is trying to redeem it outside of the validity dates.
A restaurant cannot assign the voucher to a specific menu / meal deal.
It is solely up to the consumer to ensure that the voucher is redeemed within the validity period.

They’re only valid till December. A regular voucher would get you a year


Shanahans was always a cunt of a place.


Full of cunts


I know mate, this is standard practice around the world.


Was given a present of one of these vouchers by someone. Just a standard voucher as i see it.


Owned by a Kilkenny Cunt😀


Aimed at tourists I’d say

I ate in Forest and Marcy there a few weeks back. Sister resteraunt to Forest Avenue which I might have mentioned on here before.

V small place seats no more than 30 with most sitting at the bar/counter area. 2 chefs and two serving staff the only staff. Was a 5 course tasting menu for 45 quid. Very very good. We were seated at bar which was grand if not everyone’s cup of tea. Chefs deliver a lot of the food to the customers so small Is the place. Recommended


“as I thought”

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Taste at Rustic is excellent.


Yes mate, I know it may be an alien thought for you to have an original opinion on something but some of us are capable of it






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