Top 10 Irish Restaurants


Any recommendations for an early bird Saturday evening in the city boys?


Mr Fox, Parnell Square.


Completely overrated and overpriced.

The Butcher Grill in Ranelagh is far superior.


Chophouse in Beggars Bush is excellent for a good steak too. Nice relaxed atmosphere as well. Completely agree about Shanahan.


Had lunch in The Chophouse today. Was very very good.

Was in Oserio Lucio or whatever its called yesterday. Very meh.


I find that manager chap in The Chophouse from Ulster quite annoying.


Is he condescending to chaps from the rough part of Ringsend?


The arsehole of Ringsend


Bisou, Castro district, San Fran

French Onion soup (bottom) followed by an incredible Cassoulet (top), best I’ve had, including my own. Overruled the waiter who advised the combo would be on the heavy side, he was right but the downside was I ate half the cassoulet for lunch today.


that soup looks unreal


It was superb mate. An absolute mound of caramelized onions under the cheese/bread crust. The broth was unreal as well, reduced down for hours. Proper cooking that these muldoons wouldn’t be familiar with. The closest thing they would have is Knorr Instant Onion Soup.


I once saw @Fran eat a bowl of raw onions with ketchup and a big thick roaster head in him.


I’ve never gotten the fuss over Morrisseys, but shur anyway.

2017 Irish Restaurant Awards

Best Restaurant
All-Ireland – Chapter One, Dublin
Dublin – Chapter One, Dublin
Connaught – Kai Café & Restaurant, Galway
Leinster – Sha-Roe Bistro, Carlow
Munster – Wild Honey Inn, Clare
Ulster – MacNean House & Restaurant, Cavan

Best Chef
All-Ireland – Danni Barry of Deanes Eipic, Antrim
Dublin – Ciaran Sweeney of Forest & Marcy, Dublin
Connaught – Shamzuri Hanifa of The Cottage Restaurant, Leitrim
Leinster – Gary O’Hanlon of VM Restaurant at Viewmount House, Longford
Munster – Keith Boyle of The Bay Tree Bistro, Waterford
Ulster – Danni Barry of Deanes Eipic, Antrim

Best Restaurant Manager
All-Ireland – Alain Kerloc’h of Ox, Antrim
Dublin – John Healy of Suesey Street, Dublin

Pub of the Year
All-Ireland – Morrissey’s, Laois
Dublin – The Long Hall, Dublin
Connaught – John Morans Bar, Mayo
Leinster – Morrissey’s, Laois
Munster – Davy Macs, Waterford
Ulster – The Coach House & Olde Bar, Monaghan

Best Hotel Restaurant
AllIreland – The Dining Room at Gregans Castle Hotel, Clare
Dublin – The Saddle Room at The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin
Connaught – Wildes at the Lodge, Mayo
Leinster – Ballyfin Demesne, Laois
Munster – The Dining Room at Gregans Castle Hotel, Clare
Ulster – St Kyrans Country House Restaurant, Cavan

Best Newcomer
All Ireland – Forest & Marcy, Dublin
Dublin – Forest & Marcy, Dublin
Connaught – Cian’s On Bridge Street, Mayo
Leinster – No. Three Old Bar & Restaurant, Louth
Munster – Holy Smoke, Cork
Ulster – Bull & Ram, Down

Best Gastro Pub
All Ireland – Walled City Brewery, Derry
Dublin – The Exchequer, Dublin
Connaught – Keenans of Tarmonbarry Gastro Bar, Roscommon
Leinster – Mary Barry’s Bar, Wexford
Munster – Morrissey’s Bar and Restaurant, Clare
Ulster – Walled City Brewery, Derry

Best Customer Service
All Ireland – The Maigue Restaurant at Dunraven Arms Hotel, Limerick
Dublin – Chapter One, Dublin
Connaught – Library Restaurant at Belleek Castle, Mayo
Leinster – Lennons @ Visual, Carlow
Munster – The Maigue Restaurant at Dunraven Arms Hotel, Limerick
Ulster – MacNean House & Restaurant, Cavan

Best Casual Dining
All Ireland – The Muddlers Club, Antrim
Dublin – Etto, Dublin
Connaught – Bar One, Mayo
Leinster – Wild and Native, Wexford
Munster – Momo Restaurant, Waterford
Ulster – The Muddlers Club, Antrim

Best Wine Experience
All Ireland – Ox Cave, Antrim
Dublin – Etto, Dublin
Connaught – Sheridans Cheesemongers Wine Bar, Galway
Leinster – Greenacres, Wexford
Munster – L’Atitude51 Wine Café, Cork
Ulster – Ox Cave, Antrim

Best Kids Size Me
All Ireland – Café Rua, Mayo
Dublin – Farmhill, Dublin

Best World Cuisine
All Ireland – Wa Café, Galway
Dublin – 777, Dublin

Best Café
All Ireland – Lost & Found, Derry
Dublin – Meet Me in the Morning, Dublin

Local Food Hero
All Ireland – Michael Kelly of GROW HQ, Waterford
Dublin – Brid & Colm Carter of Honest2Goodness, Dublin

Best Emerging Irish Cuisine
All Ireland – Forest & Marcy, Dublin
Dublin – Forest & Marcy, Dublin

Best Digital Marketing
Two Boys Brew, Dublin

Best Cookery School
Riot Rye Bakehouse & Bread School, Tipperary

Best Private Dining & Club Restaurant
Pullman Restaurant at Glenlo Abbey Hotel, Galway

Best Seafood Experience
Fish Shop Queen St, Dublin

Best Cocktail Experience
Candlelight Bar at Siam Thai Dundrum, Dublin


Anyone recommend a good seafood restaurant in the Dublin/Fingal area?


I’ve been in very few of those. Chapter One, Kai, The Exchequer and the Long Hall is about it. I must be some Muldoon.


Actually the Dunraven and Sheridan’s as well.


head to Howth


Aqua, Howth.


Well ahead of the curve here


Waterford knocking it out of the park here.