Top 10 Irish Restaurants


The long haul is a great old school pub. Pints of Guinness in there are top notch


The food in the Exchequer can be hit and miss. They’ve pulled a fast one here.


There is a 'branch in February too although would be stretching to call it a gastropub. Food top notch there any time iv been


I dined in Asador on Thursday night and I’m thrilled to report a real return to form for the venue. I understand the overrated Angelina’s has adversely impacted trade since opening up across the road but Asador’s whiskey flamed chateaubriand was really superb. Ordering a shared main course also means you end up eating c.67% of it as life partners invariably can’t eat as much as a man. I’m a man.



I’m a big fan of asador. Do you eat fish at all? They do lovely barbequed fish. Great place


Keep telling yourself that, pal


Angeliaaaaa the waitress at the pizzeriaaaaaa.
Bobbb bieee dum dum.

An absolute classic.


Dined in Aniar in Galway tonight. Interesting. I’m not sure if I’ve ever eaten that much seaweed in one sitting before.


Tell us more. What did you have- was it a tasting menu?
Was the service proper daycent? Spendy?


I’ll revert after the Sunday Game.


Ate again here on Friday night. Ridiculously good as always. Can’t fault a thing about the place.


It’s in carlow


Tasting menu.

Paired it with the wine selection.

Service was very good. Food was minimalist, austere, spartan and Nordic. Not a place to go for a feed. It was a selection of morsels. Some worked some didn’t. The oyster was like a boiled snot. Interesting would be how I’d characterize it, but I wouldn’t be in a rush back. The wine selection was quirky some beautiful some borderline undrinkable.


Excellent review


Thanks for that. The pictures were a very nice touch. Not that you’d have a clue what to expect with that menu


Is that the beardy tattooed cunt from the Times?


It is. He served me a number of the courses.



You strike me as a fella who lives well .


Hush now.


It’s no harm to treat yourself occasionally