Top 10 Irish Restaurants


A champagne socialist.


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Is The Upper Deck in Howth any good?


Had a lovely lunch there in Chapter One, today. In fairness when you consider that you’d pay 12 quid for an ould carvery or 15 euro for a pizza, 32 euro for two courses or 39.5 euro for three courses is outrageous value. I had ox tongue and then stuffed rabbit and a nice glass of burgundy.


Rabbit is great if done well, really great .




I think I’ve only ever had it once before and chapter one also. It was delicious, lovely and tender



Sounds like the kind of place after dropping at least 300 (alcoholic drinks instead of non alcoholic) you have to stop for a burger on the way home.


I was there some time back shortly after it opened. It was v nice but yeah you wouldn’t be stuffed by any means. A bit fussy for me but everything was nice. They had no toilet in the place at that time believe it or not. No idea how they were allowed open without one.

Would think they are shrewd lads. It’s tiny they can’t be paying fuck all rent and the fit out was minimal. They only open 3 evenings a week so are serving max 72 people a week. The only expensive ingredient on that menu was the fish the rest was just well worked veg and herbs. And they are charging well for it. Fuck all waste I’d guess.


In fairness you are not in the States here and occasionally you get restaurants that don’t thrive on gluttony.


Heron is a fotf


@Fagan_ODowd or other Waterford/ south east posters
What is the best place to get your dinner in Waterford city, the kids will be minded for a few hours
I’ve had very good meals in La Boheme and Bodega before.


I’d still recommend those two but there are a couple of new ones worth checking out, Momos and the Bay Tree. Olive tree is supposed to serve nice tapas as well.


That’s grand, I think I’ll book Bodega so, it’s a nice buzzy place if memory serves right?


It is. It reminds me of eateries in Munich and Salzburg



The Oirish love their drink. I wonder will the lovely Lisa win her sixth best dressed title?


Not a restaurant but was in that Dollard and Co for lunch. Top class fitout. Looks really good. Food was very good aswell if not on the expensive side


Robertas upstairs is a lovely spot. Food is good but not spectacular. Some amount of women in the place.