Top 10 Irish Restaurants


I had a very pleasant dining experience in El Bahia, Dublin last night. An authentic Moroccan, where we sat inside a Bedouin tent within the restaurant. The food, service & ambience were top notch.
Are you familiar with this eatery @Fagan_ODowd?


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This fella is the biggest cunt posting here.


I’d say he was reared eating his dinner beside a tent.


:sunglasses: Envy is a frightful thing



Was in Bang on Merrion Row during the week. Meh. Starters were very average. Main was a nice 10oz steak alright but place like that can’t do steak it’s time to shut up shop. Your wan serving us was half cracked. Place was more or less empty too. Will not be going back.


Bollox I’m going there tonight. Anything else in the area I should try instead? @Fagan_ODowd


Etto a few doors up. Their Cote de Boeuf for 2 would piss all over that Bang steak


I was in Brookwood a couple of months back and thought it was good


Ismael’s is only 30 seconds walk away.


FX Buckley’s on Pembroke Street never disappoints me.

Not a hope of getting a table though I’d say but you never know.


Great shout

Matt the thresher, FXB within spitting distance too


I like FXBs, consistently good. Been there plenty of time though. I’ll stick with Bang it will probably do grand.


Sounds like @glasagusban wanted to bring the bird away for a weekend.




Had a lovely meal here last night Horsey mate, nothing special but decent fare. The place was hopping too.


What did you have glas?


Date, pal?

Did you go for a few drinks ?


Ya but it’s priced above decent fare imo.