Top 10 Irish Restaurants


Looks like some people are in a rush to post on tfk too Flatty! The Dublin restaurant thread?


Went looking for the social media thread but got bored, so this was as good a spot as any.

Edit, found the ideal spot.


No and no. Tonight will be heavy tho.

Probably, location suited.

Foie gras and duck bacon with pickled pineapple; steak, chips, assorted carrots; tiramisu (non traditional but very very nice). And a very nice bottle of malbec.


That sounds very decadent indeed. Heaps of calories. How was the steak done


Duck bacon sounds good, I’ve never had that.


It was very tasty.


Medium rare, came out cooked perfectly. Small bit tough but very tasty. I ate it all anyway.


Pearl Brasserie there last Wednesday night. Foie Gras to start, Cod for the main course and Creme Brûlée and an espresso to finish. Very tasty all round


Ate in Feast in DunLaoghaire last night. It got a cracking review in the Irish Times last Sat and I’d have to concur - top class meal in a very chilled out restaurant. Recommended.




Was in there the week before last. Would agree with the above


Ate in the highly recommended Da Mimmo in North Strand on Friday night. Very impressive Italian in an unlikely location.
A young wan arrived in in her pajamas to pick up a takeaway pizza which added to the authentic North Strand experience.


@Bandage @Horsebox Paulies Pizza, quick rating out of 10 please. I trust your judgement of eateries in this locality.

  1. It insists upon itself.


Cheers. I’ve no idea what you mean though.


Neither does he. I always liked Juniors round the corner though, haven’t been there in years now.


Pizzas are quite nice, restaurant is cramped though and they actually seat people in the ramped walkway outside of the restaurant itself when busy which is pretty much always. Staff can be hit and miss. Hipster central. Pizza 8/10, restaurant 5/10.


If it’s pizza you’re after this place is the best in the D2 area IMO.


Spot on. As I said, it insists upon itself.

cc @Fagan_ODowd, @glasagusban.


Yes it is way ahead of anywhere else in the area.

Lovely ambience too.

Pop next door to Xico afterwards @Fagan_ODowd or there is a strip club a few yards away too.