Top 10 Irish Restaurants


A bit like Harvey Weinstein.


Basil, which is on the corner of Ringsend Road and South Lotts Road, has far nicer pizza


Nice pizza but very expensive for what it is imo.


True enough, but I’d sooner go there than Paulie’s


Well fuck off to Basils so.


I will. Enjoy your inferior pizza.


Apparently Maynooth is known for its restaurants.

Well I have been in two of the more popular ones, Avenue and Piccaderos, over the last while.

Don’t believe the hype.


Avenue is your run of the mill neighbourhood restaurant


"Of course Maynooth is known for its restaurants."
Sounds like the real estate agent sold you a pup mate.


The Canteen in Celbridge is off the charts. It’s better than some Michelin stars in Dublin.


Bieber is a big fan of Piccaderos




Maynooth, often referred to as the San Sebastian of Ireland…


Happy to give that number 10.

He’ll be living in the Venice of Ireland next.



More canals than Venice. Also more council estates than canals


Dined in Mr Fox again. Superb. Even the location wouldn’t put me off any more.


How did you get on in Paulies, Fagan?


Haven’t been there yet, pal.


I found Paulies very agreeable indeed


I was in the China Sichuan in Sandyford there. It was savage. Almost as good as the M&L.