Top 10 Irish Restaurants


Id know that area well but too much of a trek really


The Winding Stair on Bachelors Walk is proper. Huevos rancheros are quality.


Winding Stair very good. Woolen mills nearby good too. Loads of places on or near George’s Street or around South William


Just get a supermacs and be done with it you big roaster.


Couldn’t the nice people in central make you up a filled soda?


Far from “brunch” that Cark cunt was reared.


Elephant and Castle Gil. Opens at 10.30. That would be my top tip. If you need to eat earlier treat yourself to breakfast in the Westin


Westin is a great shout. Is E and c in temple bar?


Right in the middle of it yes.


@Bandage’s recommendation, San Lorenzo’s is closer to temple bar and is cracking food. If you want a “healthier” brunch go to Póg on Bachelor’s walk near O’Connell Street, unreal pancakes and stuff like that.


Went to Flanagan’s for the roaster Turkey and Ham :grimacing:


Get the wings.


Are they still popular? I thought since their secret ingredient (Frank’s sauce) became widely available they might no longer rule the roost when it came to wings


They give a massive portion of them for the price


I dunno would a massive feed of wings do the job at 11 am


Easy spot the roasters


Be easy spot him with the jeans covered in hot sauce


I’m arriving at the conclusion that this place is the best restaurant in Ireland after Chapter One. Outstanding again last night. Ridiculously good.


Ive never heard of clonegal


Afternoon Sea at Cliff Townhouse