Top 10 Irish Restaurants


High-class punnery


Trust you to muscle in on it.


lock13 in Sallins?

as an aside - cant beat Nandos for a sunday afternoon - came out of there stuffed yesterday


Go for it mate. There’s a lovely pub in the middle of Sallins which name escapes me. Proper old style boozer.


The Railway?


Has a small off licence attached to it. Spent a few Sunday nights in there a few years back and was always a good atmosphere in there. Auld lad running the bar well into his 80s at the time


surely you meant mussel in on it


I had hoped that level of explanation wasn’t necessary here art.



know your audience!


Chanced the Ivy for breakfast this morning. Not a fucking chance. They were letting in one walk in every half an hour.
I’ll best them yet.


Had a very satisfactory breakfast in the Ivy this morning. Couldn’t really fault any aspect of it. Maybe the tables are a bit close together.

Presidential hopeful Kevin Sharkey was breakfasting at the next table.


What would that set you back ? Standard breakfast fare ?


Standard breakfast prices.


Had lunch in the Ivy there. Very pleasant dining experience and decent value.

I’ll go back.


Was the food served up in good time?

It’s a good spot for breakfast


It was served up in good time. Now as a man of some leisure I wasn’t in a rush. A businessman like yourself might be watching the clock a bit more carefully.

Savage spot for breakfast


Pal of mine was there last week for dinner and they were waiting a while he said but otherwise he had no complaints. Booze is a little pricey he said but really good buzz in the place.

I would say it will be nice around Christmas time.

The boom is back.


tfk Christmas dinner?


No check shirts allowed.