Top 10 Performers in the EPL 09

Acc to the “Mail”.

Who turned out to be the best brit abroad?

[quote=“myboyblue”]Acc to the “Mail”.[/quote]

Vidic deserves it for his performance last week alone!

[quote=“myboyblue”]Acc to the “Mail”.[/quote]

Why do you read the mail?

I dont, there’s usually some totty on their showbiz section worth checking out though. From there I wander in to take a look at the sports for the laugh.

They are truly a despicable publication.

Giggs and vds shud be nowhere near it. Reina and alonso should be there. Gerrard aswell WTF he has missed a rake of games this season. Anelka is the top scorer in the epl .

Ashley young should be second after vidic