Tottenham Hotspur, the only team that TFK cares about: even on World Cup final day, now ruining Christmas for some


Winks is a hyped up Harry Arter.


Llorente having a good tug of his Mickey before he comes on.


Ashley Young is a contemptible little prick


Kane misses again.


Llorente put it on a plate for him.


Spurs should have at least two this half and probably 4


Vertonghen hahaha slow as a month of masses


Son shite




Kane is an absolute carthorse.


Spurs fan Mike Dean played an extra minute and a half there at the end.

Bad loss for Spuds at their home venue, they will need to start looking over their shoulder.

The Counting Crows playing now. Lolzers.




We could be left with Coach Pochettino after he fluffs his big audition. Coach Solskjaer surely has to get the Man U gig now.


Spurs the better side

That game shows the benefits of a top keeper versus a mediocre one. That’s 1 point turned into 0 by lloris

And 0 turned into 3 by Dr gea


Spurs are consistently let down in big matches by individual howlers from the weaker links. Trippier and Davies are a very workmanlike full back pairing and I’ve been saying it for nearly two years now Lloris is a busted flush. Threadbare in midfield once Sissoko went off with Dembele, Wanyama and Dier all out. They scored straight after Sissoko went off.


Spurs will be doing well to stay top 4. Chelsea at their heels and a resurgent United making points up to


Kane looked bad enough going off at the end.

Out of the title race Geoff?

How long is Son on his travels for?


Big ask to make up 9 points on Liverpool now.



Bad news