Tottenham Hotspur, the only team that TFK cares about: even on World Cup final day, now ruining Christmas for some


@GeoffreyBoycott needs to take a bit of responsibility here. Palpable lack of belief here pre-game laid the foundations for their bottle job yesterday.


Shocking carry on to see fans racially abuse one of their own players


Every week spurs fans are at this shit


Agreed…Mainlanders are very racist


Spurs were terrific yesterday and resolute in the face of such adversity. Just one of those when the ball wouldn’t go in to the net, largely down to the brilliance of the best goalkeeper in the world.


And the fact Kane is a greedy carthorse.


Golden Boot Harry a big worry now. Could be out for the season with that nasty looking ankle injury he went off with.


Not good enough


The cunt kicked the ball out of play under little pressure 5 times in the first half and made one good save


Edgy hipster soccer view there that De Gea was essentially shit yesterday.


He didn’t go off.


De Gea isnt considered one of the best in the world in Spain mate


That’s just typical of the man. Battled through to the bitter end through injury and the pain barrier.


He got clobbered with the last kick of the game. Spent numerous minutes retrieving treatment on the field after the final whistle, then hobbled off looking very dejected. It looked bad


Possibly season ending by the sound of things. Son off now for a month with Korea and Moura injured as well. We might have ro recall Big Vincent which will be bad news for Glasgow Celtic.


I didn’t say shit. Its just very unfair on the likes of ter Stegen, Kepa, Allison, Neuer and Ederson to say De Gea is the best in the world when they all have so much more to their game than him

Oblak is also better if we’re just going by shot stopping


I don’t think he’s the best in the world either but he’s vastly superior to Ter Stegen.


Not a premier supporter,love LOI, CCFC, Celtic,but thought Harry Kane was magnificent


That’s sport for you. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen results wise. Spurs played a lot better in defeat yesterday than they did at Old Trafford back in August when they won 0-3.


Spurs should have roasted them,keeper kept them in it