Tottenham Hotspur, the only team that TFK cares about: even on World Cup final day, now ruining Christmas for some


Spurs terrible finishing kept Man Yoo in it


As a neutral yes that’s about it,but their keeper was at the top of his game, although I thought Son,and trippier were utter crap


Our goalkeeper and two full backs need to be upgraded. Need a new central midfielder as well.
Son is knackered. He’s been playing round the clock for club and country. What are all these tournaments Korea compete in? He had to go off with them for a few weeks after the World Cup as well back at the start of the season.


That was his only way of ducking the conscription into the army


Not like a spud to shy away from a fight


Same used happen all over the former communist block,to the extent pre tournament games/ European in Bucharest steau Bucharest used be incarnated for months in army barracks training , being coached no home time etc


Ankle ligament damage for Golden Boot Harry. Out until early March at the very least.


Wife Beaters FC

Cc @GeoffreyBoycott


How much did the boob job cost ??


Are you asking for yourself or a friend??


it makes sense now why @backinatracksuit & @GeoffreyBoycott follow them


Trip to Craven Cottage this afternoon. We’re threadbare at the moment in central midfield and up front. Kane out obviously and the next two back up options up front, Son and Moura both out as well. Sissoko joins long term absentees Wanyama and the departing this week Dembele on the sidelines. Eric Dier who’s been out for the last month with appendicitis is on the bench. Probably an earlier than planned return in the face of an injury crisis. Its a perfect time for Fulham to face us. Fulham will fancy their chances of picking up something here in a way they wouldn’t have had if this was played 3 or 4 weeks ago.


Llorente steps into the breach for Tottenham in Harry’s absence and he’s found the net already. Unfortunately it was his own net




Just got in for last five minutes. Bamidele crocked now as well. Looks like his hamstring gone. Llorente great chance to win it and he butchers the one thing he’s supposed to be good at, heading the ball.

Hang on…Winks wins it in the 93rd minute. 1-2. What character in adversity from this Tottenham side.


Lampard-esque from Billy Winks


What a cross


Huge goal for the Spuds


Power Towers will be seething, they enhanced Spurs and Man City to evens.


Another one to the add to the list of Spurs seethers.